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Pain Behind Knee and JointsPain behind knee, in the legs, hips and other areas of the body is common for those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. The debilitating disease of the brain affects every individual differently. A variety of symptoms include slowness of motion, feeling stiff, having tremors that vary in intensity and loss of balance. Speech may become difficult, sitting still is often impossible without medication as the nerve cells which produce dopamine are destroyed by the disease. Dopamine controls muscle movement. Pain is one more issue that victims of Parkinson’s must deal with in their daily lives.

Parkinson’s Disease is extremely upsetting for individuals as they find themselves unable to do things that used to be considered normal. Facial expressions may be affected and swallowing can become more difficult. Drooling could occur. A person may find it challenging to get started, to get up or start walking and once in motion, it may be hard to continue to be mobile. Fine motor skills and reading can be affected. Stiffness and trembling can come, aggravated by stress or anxiety. Add to that feelings of confusion and it is an extremely challenging condition. Pain behind knee and other aches throughout the body only add to the difficulties endured by those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Approaches to Avoid Pain Behind Knee

People who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease have different approaches they can take to manage their disease. The greatest difficulty lies in not being able to do what they were accustomed to doing with ease. Using various medications, treatments, medication and acupuncture are all ways they can manage the symptoms, including pain behind knee. Various types of surgery have proven to be effective for some individuals.

The best way to deal with Parkinson’s Disease at this time is control of the symptoms as there is no cure as of yet, although advances are made everyday. Pain relievers are useful in treating pain behind knee and any other aches and pains resulting from the disease. People can try various brands and combinations, requesting prescriptions if necessary from a doctor if something stronger than over the counter medication is necessary. Other medications address movement issues, anxiety, depression and any possible sleep disorders that may result.

Individuals can try a new lifestyle in order to combat Parkinson’s Disease as well. Avoiding stress, getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy diet are all useful in management of symptoms. Exercise is important as well. A person should not strain the body, but keeping the body in motion is beneficial. Exercise may need to be modified for behind the knee pain but should still be continued on a daily basis. With a proactive plan and effort from a team, people can have a better quality of life.

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I have tried for years to lose weight on my own. Even with the best of intentions, my efforts never lasted very long. I would usually get discouraged because I was not losing weight as fast as I thought I should, and I would seek comfort in junk food. When my sister asked me to be her maid of honor though, things changed. I knew that I needed to find a way to finally lose weight, and keep it off too. I decided to join a swindon gym, because I knew that I would be held accountable more that way.

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